CYROM ROMANIA is committed to following practices of ethical and sustainable integrity when it comes to all its business activities. The associated values ​​and standards are defined in a code of conduct, an integral part of our corporate culture which forms the basis of all our business activities and decisions.

In summary, the company CYROM ROMANIA commits to the following values:


CYROM ROMANIA is aware of the ecological impact of both its commercial activities and that of its partners. CYROM ROMANIA takes this responsibility for the environment seriously and associates exclusively with partners who continuously work on improving their practices in order to reduce the environmental impact of their commercial activities. CYROM ROMANIA is actively contributing to maintaining a healthy working and living environment.


In relationship with its business partners, CYROM ROMANIA is committed to showing respect and honesty. This includes, in particular, fair competition, as well as discretion in regard to trade secrets, other information worthy of protection and confidential information. CYROM ROMANIA does not tolerate any form of corruption, extortion and bribery.


CYROM ROMANIA is committed to unreservedly respecting and protecting the basic rights and needs of people, human dignity and the basic rights of workers, even in countries where legal requirements do not or do not fully do so.


CYROM ROMANIA is committed to distributing the best quality products and providing the best possible information to its business partners. Our guarantee is that our customers will receive safe, impeccably hygienic and high quality products.


CYROM ROMANIA undertakes to comply with national laws and international legal provisions and other external and internal regulations. Our managers are responsible for ensuring that laws that could have been prevented through proper supervision and organization are not violated in their area of ​​responsibility.

In order to detect misconduct, such as bribery, theft, and violation of the company's internal principles of conduct, CYROM ROMANIA provides a reporting portal. Employees, business partners and customers who observe possible breaches of the law, of standards or principles of conduct, may report this using the contact information below. The report will be received by the compliance officer, who will immediately investigate the matter.

The submitted reports may be accompanied by documents containing useful information about the breach. Your report will be automatically sent to an email address that only the compliance officer has access to. We investigate all opportunities carefully and, if necessary, take appropriate action. CYROM ROMANIA ensures that the information will be kept confidential.

Conformity Officer