Cyrom Romania Products Obtain Quality Certification ”Marca Încrederii” | October 2021

This October, some of the products from the portfolio of Cyrom Romania obtained a quality certification called "Marca Încrederii". Conducted at a national level by the InfoCons Association, the “Marca Încrederii” (en. Brand of Trust) Program aims to evaluate products or services in order to establish compliance with consumer protection legislation and related legislation.

We are proud to announce that a total of 19 products from the brands Pfanner, Capri-Sun, Mautner, Monini and Stardoro obtained the certification. The products fall into class 3004, categories 4 "fruit drinks and fruit juices" and 5 "syrups and other preparations for making beverages", respectively class 3001, category 1 "edible oils and fats"..

Evaluation for the consumers

The assessment is made in the spirit of the requirements of the European standards of product conformity and related documentation. The requirements of national and international standards, European Union directives and applicable legal provisions are contained in the InfoCons rules for the certificate of conformity of the ”Marca Încrederii” Program.

The mark of the program is awarded to the economic agents by InfoCons only if the technical evaluation and licensing commissions certify that the economic agent achieves a superior quality of management and that the products and services subject to evaluation satisfy to a high degree the requirements of the consumer.


The ”Marca Încrederii” Program is part of a larger campaign promoted by the InfoCons Association, aiming to protect and support quality products and services, to activate clean, ecological, civilized and refined consumption.

The association is involved in reorienting the social management in Romania towards the training of human resources and raising the standards of human relations in all professional exchanges in general.

This program is based on a new concept of increasing consumer loyalty by producers and suppliers of quality goods and services in Romania, as a stage of a broader attitudinal principle, of self-support and commitment to the development of human resources and efficiency of their activity. "

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The Cyrom products that obtained ”Marca Încrederii” are:

You can view the complete registry by accessing the link:

Everything we do at Cyrom is aligned with our mission to import on the Romanian market products that comply with the highest national and international quality standards!