Monini TV Campaign

Monini, out of love for olive oil, for 100 years!

This year, Monini turns 100 years old. The Monini philosophy has remained unchanged for three generations: highest quality in every single product. The secret of the quality of extra virgin olive oil lies in its flavour, and for 100 years, Monini is committed to preserving its fresh and unique flavours unchanged. To honor this event, Cyrom Romania initiated a TV campaign consisting of two commercials, which will air between 11-24 December 2020 and 04-25 January 2020.

"At Monini, we live to share our love for extra virgin olive oil. Thus, for generations, we gave our name to all our products. We love what we do, we put in passion, soul and mastery. Only like this we can be sure that we are giving the best to our loved ones. Monini, out of love for olive oil, for 100 years!”