The Monini philosophy has remained unchanged for three generations: highest quality in every single product. The secret of the quality of extra virgin olive oil lies in its flavour, and for 100 years, Monini is committed to preserving its fresh and unique flavours unchanged. The Monini selection includes olive oils of various intensities or enriched with Mediterranean herbs, peppers or truffles. Monini aims to satisfy all tastes without losing the most authentic and traditional flavours of the Italian cuisine.

100 years

of experience in olive oil processing

unique flavour

constant and fresh in time


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passion for quality

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Extra virgin olive oil


Classico Extra Virgin Olive Oil is easily recognizable thanks to its balanced and harmonious sensorial characteristics and intense, versatile flavour. The pleasant notes of freshness recall the smell of freshly cut grass. With a truly balanced flavour it really complements any dish and is always a consumers favourite. For all these reasons Classico is the best selling extra virgin olive oil.

Monini Classico Extra Virgin Olive OIl 1l


Delicato Extra Virgin Olive Oil has all the health benefits of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil but its flavour is lighter and softer. A great solution for those who are not accostumed to the strong pungent (peppery, spicy) typical Extra Virgin Olive Oil taste. Seasoning and cooking with Delicato Extra.

Monini Delicato Extra Virgin Olive OIl 1l

Gran Fruttato

GranFruttato Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the pride of the Monini production. It is dedicated to the most demanding consumers who prefer an intense and strong flavour. The distinct pungent taste is due to the rich content of polyphenols, potent natural anti-oxidants to which modern medicine attributes a fundamental role in defending the organism from oxidation and thus from cell aging.

Monini Gran Fruttato Extra Virgin Olive OIl 1l



This oil-based condiment flavored with basil reminds us of Italy and the typical Mediterranean herbs and flavors. Discover the most authentic and traditional flavors of Italian cuisine in a new form, tasty and easy to use!

Condiment cu Ulei Aromatizat cu Busuioc 25cl

Garlic and Pepperoncino

This oil-based condiment flavored with garlic and pepperoncino is for the most spicy tastes. Aglio e Pepperoncino oil is ideal for penne all’arabiata, for vegetable and fish soups, and to give extra flavor to pizza.

Condiment Aromatizat cu Usturoi și Pepperoncino 25cl

White Truffles

This oil-based condiment flavored with white truffles promises to satisfy even the most refined tastes. Try out the quick and easy recipes you can find on Monini Tartufo Bianco bottles and add a touch of fantasy to your dishes!

Condiment Aromatizat cu Trufe Albe 25cl


This oil-based condiment enriched with lemon juice compliments any dish, and is particularly suitable for flavoring dishes based on fish, salads, boiled vegetables, desserts that involve the use of oil and lemon. Try a few drops on meat or fish Carpaccio, you will be surprised!

Condiment Aromatizat cu Lămâie 25cl


Refined Grapeseed Oil


Anfora refined olive oil has a pleasant almond flavour and a soft yellow colour with golden hues. Thanks to its particular delicacy it doesn’t affect the natural flavour of the ingredients and can be used for both frying and cooking. Its delicate taste is worth appreciating especially when we do not require the strong pleasant taste and green colour of the extra virgin olive oils to dominate the dish.

Monini Anfora Refined Olive OIl 1l

Refined Grapeseed Oil

Refined Grapeseed Oil

Monini Grapeseed Oil is obtained through the process of extraction from the grape seeds, followed by an industrial refining process which makes it almost odorless. This versatile oil is neutral in flavour and is suitable for frying and cooking many dishes.

Refined Grapeseed Oil 1l


Modena Balsamic Vinegar

This product is part of a premium range of products with superior taste and fragrances, Modena vinegars and dressing are obtained following the ancient traditions. The production processes are all natural and designed to enhance all their peculiar properties.

Modena Balsamic Vinegar 50cl

Condimento White Wine Vinegar

Monini white wine vinegar is obtained from the juice of carefully selected grapes, fermented slowly, without added sugar, and stored in wooden barrels. It has numerous health benefits and it is a special spice due to its particularly delicate taste.

Condimento White Wine Vinegar 50cl

Modena Balsamic Vinegar Spray 25cl

Modena balsamic vinegar spray is an innovative way to enhance the flavor of any dish. A puff of balsamic vinegar before serving any dish is a method of serving worthy of a professional chef, convenient and fast, perfect to evenly distribute the taste and aroma!

Modena Balsamic Vinegar Spray 25cl

Balsamic Vinegar Glaze

In culinary tradition, chefs have always created their own glazes for finishing their dishes, our glazes are ready to use. Monini glazes have infinite applications, they give a touch of elegance to the simplest recipes and, with a tasty decoration, turn an ordinary dish into an original one.

Balsamic Vinegar Glaze 250g

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