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Great passion for good taste

Mautner launched its first selection of concentrated fruit syrups in 1947 in Vienna, which quickly became successful and led to the development of a wide range of different product groups and a variety of new flavours. Over the time, Mautner products have become an integral part of the traditional Austrian cuisine. The Mautner syrup aromas range from elderflower and citrus to a wide variety of berries - a flavour for any taste, with or without sugar. All Mautner products are based on tested recipes that highlight the great passion for good taste, superior quality and excellent flavour of the products.

0% added sugar

for a healthy diet

since 1947

used in kitchens around the world

superior quality

at a favourable price

dedication and passion

for good taste



Blueberry-Lemon 0% Sugar

The delicious taste of fully ripe currants, combined with the refreshing, slightly acidic lemon, turn this syrup into a fragrant and particularly fruity experience. An extra tempting offer: 0% sugar and almost 0 calories.

Blueberry-Lemon Syrup 0% Sugar

Elderflower 0% Sugar

Elderflower syrup without added sugar is for those who would like to give up extra calories, but still enjoy a complete flavor. Elderflower is a plant with many therapeutic roles, its syrup having itself vitaminizing and mineralizing effects, being a true nervous and physical tonic.

Elderflower Syrup 0% Sugar

Raspberry 0% Sugar

Mautner raspberry syrup with 0% added sugar really manages to capture the freshly picked raspberry flavor. The high fruit content of this syrup makes it a healthy choice for your diet, and also a very tasty one! Our advice: Try the syrup in the form of an ice cube, dissolved in a glass of mineral water!

Raspberry Syrup 0% Sugar

Sirop Aromă Zmeură 0% Sugar

Cranberry 0% Sugar

The light sour aroma of ripe cranberries creates a special tasting experience. Few people know that cranberries are among the healthiest fruits and have many benefits, being rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Mautner cranberry syrup, without added sugar, is ideal for a healthy diet, being particularly light and low in calories.

Cranberry Syrup 0% Sugar

Peach-Maracuja 0% Sugar

The juicy peaches enjoyed together with the sweet-sour aroma of the passion fruit reveal a true experience of the senses. Both peaches and passion fruit are fruits rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making this 0% sugar syrup a very healthy and almost calorie-free refreshment.

Peach-Maracuja Syrup 0% Sugar


Mautner's summer elderflower, mint and lime syrup is the perfect base for the popular Hugo drink. From South Tyrol, the cult drink stormed Austria and South Germany. Simply mix the syrup with Prosecco and a drop of mineral water, add a little mint, a few ice cubes and ... you're done!

Elderflower-Lime-Mint Syrup

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